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Juvenile law exists because the courts and society believe that young people should be treated differently than adults under the law. The juvenile justice system focuses on rehabilitation for youthful offenders so that mistakes made early in life don’t penalize them for the rest of their lives.

At Williams And Seemen, our Van Nuys juvenile crime lawyers represent young people who are charged with criminal offenses. We also advocate for vulnerable minors in situations where they are at risk of harm from an adult guardian. When you seek our help, you can be confident that a knowledgeable and professional juvenile law attorney — who understands the California juvenile system and the state’s courts — is on your side.

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Defending Juveniles Accused of Misconduct

The primary concern for most parents is the safety of their children. When those children face criminal charges, it’s important to seek skilled legal counsel experienced in juvenile law and the juvenile court system.

We draw on our extensive background to provide comprehensive representation to juveniles in cases that may involve:

Juvenile court judges have a range of options when handling the cases that come before them. While they must balance the needs of the youthful offender with those of the public’s safety, they are more likely to recommend probation and treatment programs rather than confinement to a juvenile facility, but their rulings depend upon the severity of the charge.

Our experience enables us to anticipate how local judges and juvenile courts will approach your child’s case so we can be fully prepared to represent their rights and seek the most favorable outcome under the circumstances.

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If your child is being accused of, charged with, or investigated in connection with a criminal offense, time is of the essence. Delay can cause you to lose valuable legal advantages while you wait to secure legal representation. We understand the severity of the situation and work diligently to ensure that your child’s mistakes don’t follow them into adulthood.

Our wealth of juvenile law experience gives us a thorough understanding of the approaches that courts and judges respond most favorably to. We are committed to pursuing sentencing options that prevent your son or daughter from having a criminal record so that just one youthful mistake doesn’t affect their ability to attend college or pursue a meaningful career in the future.

Advocating for Juveniles Facing Harm

In addition to representing juveniles accused of misconduct, we also represent youth in abuse and neglect proceedings where they have been harmed or are at risk of being harmed by a parent or guardian. The state government may intervene in such cases to protect vulnerable youth by appointing attorneys to act as guardians ad litem, advocating for their interests and welfare.

If courts believe that a young person is at risk, they may offer programs for the family that offer rehabilitation and reunification, but in extreme cases, a parent’s rights may be terminated. We act on behalf of juveniles when their rights and safety are jeopardized.

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Williams And Seemen represents youth throughout California in a full range of juvenile law matters. When your son or daughter needs help, we provide advice and advocacy to protect their rights and future.

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You have questions

We Have Answers
  • My child has been arrested how can I make sure their record remains clean?

    It is always difficult to watch a child suffer, and having your child arrested is not any easier. The system considers anyone under the age of 18 as a child. Children are not held in jail–but held in juvenile hall. There is a different system in place for juveniles that focuses on rehabilitation rather then punishment. There are also certain crimes that render a child unfit for the Juvenile system, and thus the child could be tried in the adult system in serious circumstances. That is why it is so important to hire an attorney with actual experience in juvenile practice. The justice system for children is very different than the adult justice system, thus an attorney for your child should have actual experience in defending children. As soon as a child is arrested an experienced attorney knows the tools necessary in getting your child informal options that can include community service, staying out of trouble, going to school every day without issue, counseling and other less stressful avenues to avoid juvenile Court. If a child does end up in Court, most crimes charged are sealable, and not strikes but a child will be placed on probation for a period of six to twelve months, with progress reports done in the Court. If a child performs well without issue, a child can have their records sealed and thus not public–a skilled attorney is essential in this process to make sure the juvenile court recognizes and rewards the child’s good behavior and terminates probation.

  • I've been arrested, what should I do?

    First, remain silent. Just because you are arrested, it does not automatically mean charges will be filed against you. Staying quiet, however, is the most important decision you can make If you are ever questioned by police, do not give a statement. Be polite, calm, and state, “I am choosing to remain silent, I want a lawyer.” Once any statements are made, those admissions can very well be enough to have the case filed. Do not consent to searches, this too allows officers to do anything they want to your property and you, and by giving them consent you make their jobs even easier. Once you are arrested, it is true the police no longer need your permission or a warrant to search–they are allowed to search your person and what is within your immediate control–however, they still will need your permission or a warrant to search certain things, for example a cell phone, so, never consent to a search when the officers ask for your permission. Never flee or run–this makes things worse–additional charges can be added, and worse you can be hurt–tased, shot, beat, you name it. Once in a holding cell, stay quiet as well. Anyone can be a snitch and the jail cell or even the backseat of the patrol car could be wired for sound–save the conversations with your lawyer, which are confidential and cannot hurt you. Also, once you are out, do not post about your case on social media. District Attorneys, City Attorneys and yes police monitor social media–and what you say or WRITE can and will be used against you.

  • How do I bail out of jail?

    Once arrested and jailed, there is a process allowing the person arrested to get released from jail. The accused may be released from jail for exchange of money–hence BAIL. A promise of property also works as a promise you will return to Court for all hearings. You cannot miss a court date when released on bail. If you make all court dates your bail is refunded to you whether you are found innocent or guilty. The bail amount depends on the jurisdiction where you are arrested and the Judge. Other factors that decide how large the bail amount is is the seriousness of the crime, your record and previous or current bench warrants. A judge can also release the accused without the requirement of posting bail–called being released on your own recognizance (“OR.”) If you cannot afford bail–or have no property to post, you can hire a bail bonds agent. A bonds agent promises to pay the full amount of bail to the court if you do not show up to Court, thus the bonds agent will have to find someone responsible for paying any costs they have to incur to track you down. In exchange for posting the full bond, the bonds agent will ask you to pay about eight to ten percent of your bond which is NONREFUNDABLE. So why hire a bonds agent? Because you can get out of jail for far less then paying the full bail amount. Your attorney will have a trusted bonds agent, so do not forget to contact your attorney if you are interested in bonding out of jail.

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