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In our combined 25 years of legal practice, we have seen individuals and families affected by terrible accidents. Whether caused by motor vehicle crashes, heavy machinery incidents, or other misfortunes, a catastrophic injury can mean an end to your accustomed way of life.

At Williams And Seemen, we place great importance on standing with injured individuals during these difficult situations. Our Encino catastrophic injury attorneys have decades of personal injury experience, and we know the kinds of challenges you’re facing. Let us help you improve your personal and financial situation.

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Recovering Financial Damages For a Catastrophic Injury

Most personal injury cases include a petition for some amount of financial damages, but if you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury, you’re looking at costs above and beyond that of a typical accident.

Medical costs for catastrophic injuries can be astronomical, as treatment may include:

  • Emergency care
  • Medication
  • Physical therapy or rehab
  • Corrective surgeries
  • Residence in long-term care
  • In-home nursing
  • Prosthetics, wheelchairs, or other mobility assistance

Another significant long-term financial impact following a catastrophic injury is the loss of income and earning potential. A physical disability may prevent you from working at the job you were trained for; an injury that impacts the brain could prevent you from being able to learn a new trade and support yourself and your family.

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You’ve been through enough pain. Now is the time to say “No more!” and get legal help. At our firm, we work as a team on all our cases. Consider us your personal advocates in the court system as we fight to get you the assistance you need.

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You have questions

We Have Answers
  • I have been hurt in an accident, what do I do?

    First and foremost, seek medical treatment. This might include emergency care, urgent care, or a visit to your physician. It is a good idea to see a doctor in the abundance of caution because you could be injured and not know it right away. Once you are diagnosed, map out and consistently follow the physician’s plan for recovery. Remember, the main goal is to ensure that you recover from your injuries. Sometimes this requires physical therapy and or chiropractic treatment. Unfortunately, most insurance adjusters will not properly evaluate your injuries without tangible proof that you sustained and suffered from a particular injury.

  • Should I hire an attorney or go with the public defender?

    Public Defenders are licensed attorneys who have a lot of knowledge and experience. They are assigned to your case, and unfortunately you cannot chose who is the one representing you. Typically public defenders have a very heavy case load–they handle a lot of cases every single day. They usually do not give the time to update their clients on what is happening on their cases, and if you do not like your public defender you cannot not request a new one. You also cannot talk to your public defender before your arraignment–you usually will meet them at arraignment–thus discussions about bail, a case strategy before you even walk into the courthouse does not happen. The Public Defender does a valuable and important service of representing those who cannot afford hiring an attorney. If you can afford an attorney, hire a skilled, capable defense firm that listens to you and forms a strategy you will be comfortable with. Your attorney should fight for your rights, and give you comfort that you are receiving the best representation possible.

  • Why should I hire an attorney, can't I just handle my claim myself?

    The short answer is yes, you can handle your personal injury claim yourself, but it is never a good idea. Remember, the insurance company is there to represent the best interest of their insured. This means they will sometimes try to deny liability for your property damage, minimize your medical expenses, or outright deny your claim for bodily injury compensation. Personal injury law is complex and requires an experienced professional to analyze every factor involved in your case to ensure your rights are protected. This is why it is important to hire an experienced personal injury attorney with an in depth knowledge of the law to secure the best possible outcome for you and your family.

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