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Everyone has a time in their life when they need a team of people to support them, advocate for them, and defend them. If you’re facing a criminal charge, such as domestic violence or assault, our Van Nuys criminal defense attorneys can be that team for you.

At Williams And Seemen, we have a combined 25 years of experience helping people in difficult situations find solutions. We like our clients to feel that they’re part of the team, whether we are discussing case strategy, preparing for a preliminary hearing, or making a defense in front of a jury.

Have you been arrested for a criminal offense? Call Williams And Seemen, A Professional Law Corporation, today at (818) 536-7776 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with our Van Nuys criminal attorney. Services are available in Spanish and Armenian.

What is Physical Evidence?

Physical evidence refers to any tangible material or object that can be used as proof in a criminal investigation or court case. There is always some form of physical evidence. The physical evidence can come in the form of bullet shells, and autopsy/medical findings. If there were no physical evidence present, there could still be eyewitness testimony, statements from the accused, circumstantial evidence, and more. The question is if there is enough evidence to prove to a jury that, without a shadow of a doubt, the accused committed the murder. If the jury doesn’t believe the prosecution witnesses, then the defendant can be acquitted.

Can Video Be Used as Evidence?

Using video evidence is possible in court. If you would like to use evidence in court, your attorney will have to prove to the judge that the video is relevant to your case and is reliable. To prove that your video is authentic and reliable to the court, you must have great lighting, the timing of the recording must be right, and the location must be correct. Video from traffic cameras carries much more credibility than video captured from a cell phone because the video source can be found.

Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

Some criminal attorneys prefer to handle cases out of court and make compromises for simplicity’s sake. We, on the other hand, are not afraid to go to trial, and we are not intimidated by the prosecution. You can rest assured that we have what it takes to be an advocate to the end.

Our criminal defense lawyers in Van Nuys can defend against almost any case, including:

Real Cases

  • People v. AA Case Dismissed

    Client was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault and criminal threats.

  • People v. AC Probation With No Jail Time

    Client had an extensive prior felony record and was charged with sales of methamphetamines after officer’s claimed they witnessed a hand to hand sell.

  • People v. Allen Not Guilty of All Charges

    This client was charged with assaulting a neighbor with his car.

  • People v. Barron Not Guilty of 1st Degree Murder/Attempted Murder

    Mr. Barron was charged with 1st degree murder and attempted 1st degree murder after shooting his niece and her boyfriend.

  • People v. C. Johnson Not Guilty of All Charges

    Mr. Johnson was charged with commercial burglary. Due to his prior record, he was facing a maximum exposure of 9 years in state prison.

  • People v. Claiborne All Charges Dismissed

    Mr. Claiborne was charged with residential burglary, a strike after he was identified by a neighbor as one of the individuals leaving a property with an armload of property.

  • People v. Confidential Not Guilty of All Charges

    This client was charged with a DUI after crashing into several vehicles in a Ralph’s parking lot in Glendale.

  • People v. D. Johnson All Charges Dismissed

    Mr. Johnson and his friend were charged with residential burglary and criminal threats, both strikes, after a neighbor identified him as the man she saw break into her house and threaten her and her family.

  • People v. DC Case Not Filed

    Client was arrested for domestic violence after striking his then significant other.

  • People v. DE Probation and No Jail Time

    Client was charged with felony commercial burglary after entering a high-end designer store.

Contact Our Van Nuys Criminal Attorney Today

It is possible for individuals to represent themselves in a criminal case. However, those cases have a much lower chance of a favorable outcome than those where the client has the help of an attorney.

Now is not the time to try to handle things on your own. You need to be part of a team that has your best interests at heart. Call Williams And Seemen and get the legal experience and determination you need to help you in your unique situation.

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